Goods In Transit Insurance

Many traders use their vans for carrying goods for customer – if an accident or theft occurred whilst carrying those goods it could leave you out of pocket and it is advisable, if your business involves these kind of situations, to have insurance cover in place for ‘Goods In Transit’.

There are generally two types of cover with regards to the purposes of usage of the van; (i) haulage usage (this is when you are carrying other people’s goods) and (ii) carrying supplies from your own company, like when making a delivery of your product.

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Goods In Transit Insurance
Any damage to products ‘in transit’ will be insured. There are limits to the amount insured, so higher valued items would need to be referred prior to inception of cover.

At InsureVan have developed an excellent van insurance policy, offering cover for almost every use of a van and at an extremely competitive premium rate.

The main features of this policy include:

  • Immediate quotations
  • Quotes available for Tradesman, Freight Liability and Furniture Removers
  • Competitive rates throughout, starting from as little as £116.00 inclusive
  • 50% discount for additional vehicles
  • Furniture Removers cover for both domestic and commercial
  • Trailer cover extension available
  • In respect of EU CMR traffic, unless otherwise advised, there will be no additional restrictions in respect of theft whilst in Italy
  • Cover for PDA’s in vehicles available

If you would like to arrange a quotation for a Goods In Transit Insurance policy, please contact us.

InsureVan specialise in Van Insurance, some of the key points to our Van Insurance policies are:

  • Excellent Premium Rates
  • Business Use Covered
  • Courier Cover Available
  • Goods In Transit Cover Available
  • Multi Vehicle Discounts
  • Special Schemes for the Self-Employed
  • Introductory Discounts

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