Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your vehicle for commercial use – generally the vehicles requiring this type of cover are commercial vans.

However, there are some types of commercial usage that are not covered as standard under your Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy, for example, couriers require Courier Insurance cover.

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Cheap Van Insurance - Online QuotesCommercial Vehicle Insurance often comes with the offer of some very useful policy ‘add-ons’ that many commercial businesses find worth also insuring against. These are some of the Commercial Vehicle Insurance ‘extras’ that are available from InsureVan;

  • Replacement Van
  • Goods In Transit
  • Excess Protector
  • Multi Vehicle Policy Discounts
  • Business Cover
  • Van Insurance Guide
  • 24 Hour Claim Line
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Motor Legal Protection
  • Courier Van Insurance

The majority of commercial vehicle owners have vans for commercial purposes and therefore require business use to be covered under the insurance. This type of cover can be described as commercial or business use. InsureVan’s policies cover this type of usage as standard. If, however, you do have a genuine reason for using a van for personal usage only, often described as ‘social, domestic and pleasure usage’, please advise us accordingly, as this will effect your premium.

Due to the fact that commercial vehicles used for ‘business use’ tend to have different usage patterns, generally they are used a lot more during ‘working hours’ than most private cars and also the structure and size of vans themselves, they tend to get treated slightly differently to car insurance. The premiums for van insurance are generally higher than for car insurance.

InsureVan also offer excellent terms on additional separate policies, including;

  • Business Insurance
  • Temporary Van Insurance

Why use InsureVan

InsureVan is an independent broker using a selection of specialist van insurance underwriters to find you the most competitive premium rate with the most suitable cover for your requirements. InsureVan is UK based, with staff trained and experienced in van insurance. We offer online quotations or you can call one of our staff members – and you will not being going through to a faceless call centre, you will be looked after by our staff member who you will be able to contact again throughout the policy period.

Van Insurance Cover Types

InsureVan offer three types of van insurance policy cover. In order of cover levels, the top cover is Comprehensive, then Third Party Fire & Theft and finally Third Party Only.

Comprehensive Van Insurance

Comprehensive Van Insurance (sometimes also referred to as ‘fully Comprehensive’) covers the damage to your insured van in case of an accident, the damage to the third party’s vehicle (when the accident is deemed to be your fault), and you are also protected in the case of ‘fire or theft’ of the van. You are also insured against damage to property or injury to a person involved in the accident.

Third Party Fire & Theft Van Insurance

Third Party Fire & Theft Van Insurance simply covers your insured van against any third party liability caused by an accident and the damage or loss caused by fire or theft of the van.

Third Party Only Van Insurance

Third Party Only Van Insurance  only covers against the third party liability to the other party involved in the accident, when the accident is deemed to be a fault accident.

InsureVan offer an online Commercial Vehicle Quote facility, so you can get a quotation at your convenience.